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  • Web Presence Development

    Your business’ web presence is crucial because this is the concept that will make your consumers discover you.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Your website has to be perfect and what we can do for you is more than a website improvement.

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  • Internet Marketing Materials

    We are working hard so you can improve your visibility and increase the number of visitors on your website.

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  • Internet Commerce Development

    We are building customized solutions that will guarantee a boost in sales.

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  • Strategic Lead Generation

    We are relying on great content marketing, convincing newsletters, great marketing automation tools and much more.

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We are Developing Internet Marketing Materials


We help brands shine!

Connecting the digital world to the offline one is critical today and search engine optimization as well as a good presence on all online directories, with a good reputation can be time consuming, and even expensive.

Aeon is using all the resources to empower you to stick to the budget, become renown, gain audience and improve your ROI. Tackling an email marketing campaign can be challenging for any company because it works on very different mechanisms than traditional marketing.

We have the coolest team of social media experts that will use their knowledge to customize and implement a social media marketing campaign that will blow your mind. Staying on top of all the changes is not easy, but they are doing this for you, so you can stay ahead of the competition while observing in real time the results of our campaigns.

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What we do. Long story short, we make brands look good

Internet Commerce Development

Whether we are talking about small businesses or big companies, internet commerce has become more competitive than ever and online security should always come to mind when thinking of online commerce.

We are prepared for any challenges and potential dangers because we have a development team that will evaluate your business objectives in order to come up with customized solutions for your internet commerce requirements.

We are helping your brand develop a more convenient website with the possibility of adding payment gateways, shipping services or taxation programs.

In the era of mobile applications, we are able to deliver the best ecommerce applications out there. Shopping has never been so fun until now. Our tools will attract end-users to your shopping portal that can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Search Engine Optimization

We put great value on quality and a good SEO is what you need to generate quality traffic to your website. Getting high in the ranks can be tricky especially if we are talking about organic search results.

The algorithms used by Google, which is the most popular search engine, are constantly evolving and changing and many factors are considered when ranking your website.
Load times, code, title tags, meta descriptions, key words, code and many others are taken into account by our specialists.

Your website has to be perfect and what we can do for you is more than a website improvement. What we apply is a combinations of optimization techniques while considering all the ranking factors.
No matter the profile of your business we guarantee a constant increase of your brand’s awareness.

What can awareness mean for your success?
Digital awareness of a brand means a trustworthy brand, which people would be more likely to use and recommend.

Social media has taken over our lives and took us completely to the digital world. This is such an effective tool that marketing strategies are greatly relying on it.

It is a great tool because it allows you to target your audience quite easily, contacting your customers through targeted messages that help you reach clear objectives.

Social media platforms are bringing an extra bonus: SEO benefits. Besides of the increased brand awareness, through social media you can also increase your search engine rankings. The overall web presence of your brand will only gain benefits from social media accounts.

You are only paying when clicks are made on your advertising. Key words are fundamental for your ad and they should be relevant for your business.

This strategy has multiple benefits because you will reach the people that are really interested in your products:
We can create and manage your Google ads campaign which will be tailored to your business.
We are activating and monitoring the service for you while helping you set a personalized google advert.
We are managing everything for you and constantly communicating the evolution of the campaign so you can make the best decision at any time.
We are working hard so you can improve your visibility and increase the number of visitors on your website.

Email is still a very powerful tool that helps your brand grow constantly. This is a great strategy that helps leveraging the power of email enabling you to reach your customers and establish a long term connection with them.

Email newsletters are a great way of keeping customers coming back while building a stronger brand awareness.

Our email marketing experts will make your customers want to open and read your emails.
We are setting up email marketing campaigns that suit your necessities and your recipients’ location and device.
We are helping you build trust and increase engagement among your prospect customers by personalizing emails based on data and behavior.
We are offering exactly what they are looking for in your company.
We are driving results each time, no exception.

Stories fascinated us for ages and marketing has greatly relied on story-telling in its quest for new customers. Before looking to the future we are also looking back and analyze the strategies that will lead to the best content production.

This helps our customers realize their position and acknowledge their objectives.
We are aware that creating content can be overwhelming for certain businesses that are not focused on this.
We are helping establish the road that best suits your brand: our purpose is to deliver outstanding content targeted to your desired customers.

Web Presence Development

Your business’ web presence is crucial because this is the concept that will make your consumers discover you. Finding a product or a service nowadays is different. We no longer need yellow pages and people are surfing on the internet searching for the best offers out there.
Socializing has become an important part of this discovery and you need to be in the center of everything. Reviews have become essential and specialists that studied online behavior have even realized that people trust reviews as much as personal recommendation, and as weird as it might sound, one bad review can change the entire perspective.

You need better web presence as well as better SEO if you want your business to thrive. These two come hand in and you cannot get one without the other. The presence in the online world is almost the same as in the offline one. The difference is that there are various mechanisms to get where you need and Aeon offers the services needed for your development.

We are handling for you the SEO strategies, building strong online relationships while increasing your reputation.

Strategic Lead Generation Lead Generation has dramatically changed!

Lead Generation has dramatically changed if we compare it with the old days. The process is different today. Meaning that it is no longer up to the sales team to reach out for the prospects. The potential buyers were usually uneducated in regards to your product and the communication was much more difficult because of this.

Now everything changed and buyers are able to make their own research, so it’s up to you to lead their road to your products. Today’s buyer is more educated, knows a great deal about your products and your competitions’ products. It feels like is more and more difficult to convince them, but as long as you have the right service to rely on, it’s piece of cake.
How can you change this?
- We are here to help you realize the importance of these small different details, as well as build together an unbeatable digital presence.
- We are relying on great content marketing, convincing newsletters, great marketing automation tools, a stable lead generation strategy, stunning landing pages and much more.
- We are working miracles because we are not generating any kind of leads, but the qualified ones, that are relevant for your business.

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